1. We're thinking about the SEAFLOOR and its vastness and sifting through POP cans, dolphin teeth, plastic bags, and then sea grass and SUNKEN boats.
  2. Under the water we see the shapes, SOME of them are ROUND, some of them are like marshmallows, and they leave HOLES, we're trying to hear.
  3. Oh yes, HERE are our EARS!
  4. We're thinking about YOU and that thing you WROTE one time and how you showed it to us and we blushed.
  5. Sounds are now coming in under the water. They are wavery. They are anomalous.
  6. They are anomalous like the deep fish, and SCRAPS of paper underwater advertising things from another dimension and time.
  7. We've known each other since second grade.
  8. If we can get some of this DOWN before the DRIFT.

Anomalous has its sights set on publishing literary text, advancing audio forms and creation, and supporting all sorts of alternative realities of the near future. The online publication is available in both visual and audio forms on various platforms. In March of 2013, Anomalous launched its first round of print chapbooks.

Erica Mena, Founding Editor, writes poetry, and translates, and makes hand-made books, and sometimes wishes she were braver. She moves more often than once a year, but never without her growing collection of mythical animals. She has been called Alluringly Short.

Isabel Balée disappears into symbol, arabesque, and shudder. She associates semiotically with mixologists, but only at dusk. She thinks Gary Busey is creepy, but owning it.

David Emanuel was born in Oklahoma; was Governor of Georgia; was the designer of Princess Diana's wedding gown; was born in Pennsylvania; was working on Savile Row; was putting words together; was born in Wales; was doing something; was a landholder.

Katie Hargrave is an artist, educator, writer, historian. She spends almost too much time researching obscure bits of America's past, dreaming about the transcendentalists, and planning her imaginary garden. More at

Sarah Kosch is over undergrad but is distressed that there isn't a grace period for student discounts. She lives in Iowa City drinking obscene amounts of coffee, working, and enjoying bad puns (especially her own). She tries to write fiction and poetry, hopes to marry rich, and wishes she could time travel.

Rebecca Merrill is a pessimist by day and optimist by night. She grew up just outside of Portland, Maine with two dogs and three cats and now lives just outside of Boston with one cat who has twenty toes.

Tanya Paperny is a writer, translator, professor, editor, event planner, etc. She was discovered in the shaggy carpeting of a Russian immigrant household. More at

Sarah Seldomridge is an artist, writer, and freelance lancer. She enjoys reading Literature, reading Glamour, making chili, and running half-half-half-marathons.

Rachel Trousdale awoke one morning to discover she was a part of the brilliant plot known to you all as Anomalous Press. She still isn’t sure how this happened. This California girl lives with her reformed surfer boy in a cottage by the sea with a stubby little dog who cheerfully rules the entire roost like the banana-stealing diva starlet that she is.

Shannon Walsh is currently without a genie to fulfill her many wishes. She writes poetry and reads widely and falls in love with all sorts of things she once feared, like the ocean floor and being alone and you, especially you.

Matt Landry, aka the digitizer, aka protector-of-the-current-moment, teaches media arts and is the Anomalous Tech Consultant. He has managed computer networks and performed political street theater.

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