The Whole Ending

Cait Weiss

This hunger is more mouth
than stomach — I will have no one to talk to
once you're gone.

Roll the stone back up inside me
pour concrete seal the breech.

If the angel'd only told me
the whole story — the whole ending
up atop that glorious hill

I would've calcified that embryo
set to stone and froze this life — this you

flint of God inside.


You cover the walls with maps
inside the cave, strange child.
Cities plastered while you
gestate proof

son of whitewashed

God I am your mother
I am the husk
you once called home

the shriveled cord
that kept you human
now unbound

I am 

just one of three
who waits.

L.A.-born and Ohio-educated, Cait Weiss leads writing workshops for at-risk teens, runs a social media company and wrestles (figuratively most days) with revising a novel. Her work has appeared in the L Magazine, Amethyst Arsenic, Metromix, NYWC’s The Narrator, and the twittersphere. She lives in Brooklyn and drinks too much coffee.