Captain Snugz Rides Again Again

Erika Jo Brown

Break a brandy snifter. Break any
small thing. A nugget of bituminous
coal. Not a heart. Not a lot. Afterwards,
improve yourself. Refrain from hitting
snooze, etc. Fix a small thing. A bug or
capillary. Eat a schnitzel with capers.
Stop taking orders. Adopt a schnauzer.
Adopt a funny German accent when
commanding it to stay. Captain Snugz,
how is your mouth always so hot?
I love you more everyday, not less
and this concerns me. You mug. Plus,
we live on a floodplain. It may all seem
non-germaine but G-d, sometimes
it’s cloudy, sometimes luminous.

Erika Jo Brown is from New York. She currently lives in Savannah, GA, where she co-curates the Seersucker Shots reading series. Her reviews on contemporary poetry can be found in Jacket2, the Iowa Review, the Kenyon Review, and more. Her chapbook What a Lark! was published by Further Adventures Press in 2011.