(to a fish)

Brandon Holmquest translating the Spanish of Julia Ferrer

click here for the Spanish text

its silent body resolves to play palm to palm
                                        with death

its eyes never decide to accompany me

it's a discreet, dark room
where you are stained
with an unknown something
           (permanent hammock-swing of iridescent hair)

what will you make of
your soundless, bloodless body

which i love for itself
irreparable, crazy

will you know what you have?
what is yours and still
mine i'm sorry
and mine i suffer from

The hands you don't have
hurt me sometimes
vainly caressing
my belly my back
my open legs

could the sun fall into the seas and extinguish itself
or burn itself up completely
and writhe in the ashes
dying of thirst
for light?


Brandon Holmquest edits the poetry and criticism sections at Asymptote and writes poems and translates things, usually poems.

Julia Ferrer (1925-1995) was born in Lima, Peru. In her lifetime she published only two books and had a few poems in small magazines. She also wrote theatrical works for stage and radio, and taught theater at the university level.