Brie Describes the Snail

Joel Griffith

Dear Joel
Sorry I haven't come by
To visit yet

Especially with you still bedridden
Like you are
Are the nurses pretty

Do they keep you clean
Are the sheets
As thin and white and soft

As I've heard they
Are I almost touched
A snail

Last night
I was in bed
On my back

Sheets up to my chin
And the door bell
Did not ring

But I just felt like stretching my legs
So I peeled off
The sheets

And tip tapped
Out the front door
My skin felt the cool moonlight

I looked down
And noticed my toes were close together
Then next to my left foot was a glisteny snail

He was all soft and peaceful
I said what's your name
He said he was resting

Well I think you
Should rest too Joel
And when you're all

Well again
I can show you
The glisteny snail in my yard

Joel Griffith is a fiction writer, poet, musician and all round bon vivant.