Bread Alley

Sarah Tourjee

The window was watching her. The stalker was watching her objective through a window. Objective was watching a window through the stalker. Detailed kidnapping started preconceived drawings. The preconceived kidnapping started with detailed drawings. The portraits were produced in charcoal and the smallest drop of blood. Detailed with preconceived, the drawings started kidnapping. Through her the stalker was a window-watching objective.

Charcoal produced the smallest portrait of blood. The drops were the smallest blood, and in charcoal portraits produced. Stalker had 17 humans, old and stolen. The lure was an alley into bread. A piece of bread was used to lure the subject into an alley. The stalker was 17 years old and had never stolen a human. 17 was an old human. The victim ate into the trap and walked.

A subject of the piece was bread alley and a used lure. Bread an alley to lure a piece into the subject. An alley was used to lure into the subject of bread. The victim walked into the trap unwittingly and ate greedily. Greedily and unwittingly ate the trap into the victim. Why? cried mouth. I just wanted a boyfriend, said the stalker, that's all. The stalker cocooned in her catch. 17 years stolen, a human was the stalker. Old and stalker had a human.

The stalker cocooned her catch in duct tape for the journey home. And greedily walked the victim. Journey for the home duct. The duct in the journey for her catch cocooned. Her stalker catch-tape cocooned. Cocooned in tape, journey the duct for her home the stalker. Home duct for the journey cocooned in her. Catch the stalker! cocooned the tape. Her new mate kept screaming so the stalker showed him the portraits until he was still. That's all I wanted, said the stalker. Produced were the smallest blood drops. This was the captive's doing.

Objective the window, a stalker was through watching. The kidnapper's lair had been decorated for two. When the captive's mouth was untaped, he cried, why are you doing this? Are you the captive's mouth? he cried, when this doing was untaped. The wanted stalker said, just a boyfriend, that's all. All boyfriends wanted just a stalker. Two had been decorated for kidnappers.

When the captives cried, the mouth was doing this untaped. Kidnapper's decorated lair for two. The portraits still new and kept. Blood were the portraits and charcoal drop-in. Portrait-blood the smallest produced the charcoal drop. The portraits showed him screaming until he was new. The stalker cocooned in her catch. I just wanted a boyfriend that's all stalker. Her mate showed him the stalker so the screaming kept still.

The stalker home in her catch. Kidnapping preconceived. Lair decorated. The stalker had a human. Stolen years had 17. Are you the captive's mouth? You are he when the untaped captive's was, why this? Bread the subject. Into the subject lure the bread. The subject was used to bread. The victim ate. The trap ate the victim. The mouth cried. The stalker kept him. That's a boyfriend, said the stalker. The new mate kept screaming until the stalker was he.

Sarah Tourjee's fiction has appeared in the Sonora Review and Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. She is pursuing an MFA at Brown University. She lives in Rhode Island with a herd of small nonhuman mammals and her human partner.