Eldon Reishus

Lucy was a mayor so powerful, that she could lie to herself in her dreams. That the local livestock began shitting Easter eggs she found most worthy of commendation. In short order our town lost its every noxious flying insect – but still we kept our screens installed to restrain the fresh clouds of lovely white butterflies from entering our households.

A telephone guy with a belt was sent in from outside to investigate. Lucy watched the man climb the pole at Cedar and Seventh; she snapped her fingers. The butterflies left behind not even the belt.
Our town was like a clapping party apparatus that had installed Lucy as dictator. Also in our dreams.

Eldon (Craig) Reishus lives with a piano and last night three mice in a Celtic setting outside Munich beneath the Bavarian Alps (Landkreis Wolfratshausen – Bad Tölz). He is the German-English translator of numerous books and films, and an all-around print and web media pro. He originates from Fort Smith, Arkansas. Hire him (»Have Laptop, Will Travel«):