Ah the Fecundity!

Kenneth Setzer

Such bliss, you'll only serve to disturb. Nemophilists escape distraction in the intangible few moments before green slams into black. Quiescent gloaming; this is the domain of spores, ferns, fungi, pteridomania. A show put on solely for my benefit. Swinging in my Pulhamite grotto, you say I accomplish nothing. This is no recondite hedonism; but the height of being, of an ennobling and purifying effect.

To innumerable shades of chlorophyll subfusc I know I can return. Pagans, heathens, and barbarians take heed and join me. Fleeting glances I capture; I am allowed. My greatest and only fear is that I am the only one.

Kenneth Setzer enjoys researching and writing about natural history, science, botany, gardening, photography and human history, among other topics. His work has appeared in Shutterbug, Northwest Travel, The Miami Herald, and Sun-Sentinel. He is a writer and editor at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida. He blogs at http://intractableautodidact.wordpress.com/